Fire Risk Assessment

The introduction of the Fire Service Act and the RRO in 2008 means that it is now the responsibility of the 'responsible person' to ensure that a suitable Fire Risk Assessment is carried out on the premises and re-assessed annually.

A comprehensive site assessment is carried out with a fully illustrated and prioritised report which will meet the needs of a possible Fire Authority inspection. The suggestions for compliance are made with prioritised recommendations. It is then the decision of the 'responsible person' on the premises to decide on appropriate action as a result of reading the recommendations.

It is worth noting that the Fire Authority may ask for a Fire Risk Assessment report at any time and if deemed appropriate, insist on the recommendations being carried out. The service includes:

  • A comprehensive site survey
  • A complete report on the premises, with illustrations and prioritised recommendations
  • Fire Strategy Consultation
  • Discount on repeat updates in following years' Fire Risk Assessment Review

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